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Historically, gypsum used in agriculture was field spread, typically using lower grade forms. However, this procedure limits the application, and thus, the world class benefits of agriculture gypsum.

Initial attempts at adding gypsum to irrigation water were futile. The low purity and coarse grind of commonly available gypsum products limited success and damaged micro-sprinkler and drip irrigation systems.

Then, in the early 1990’s, manufacturers began providing a higher purity gypsum that was ground to a much finer and more uniform powder. This made gypsum injection feasible and reliable. As more and more growers began injecting gypsum, reports of dramatically improved crop yields and water efficiency began a heightened interest in what is now “Solution Grade Gypsum”. This, together with water conservation and dust concerns, has caused a major shift in the Western U.S. agriculture market away from surface applied gypsum. Discover Solution Grade Gypsum with Empire Mining.  


Improved Soil Structure – Gypsum provides calcium which can reduce the swelling of smectite clays. This will loosen clay soils and open pore spaces, which will provide an overall increase in the penetration of water, air, and roots into the soil.


Increased Water Infiltration - As the soil structure improves, the water infiltration rate increases


Crust Prevention – Adding gypsum directly into irrigation water can help prevent depositional crusts on soil surfaces which can drastically decrease infiltration rates


Better Moisture Retention- Gypsum helps the soil take in and retain moisture, improving the soil’s water-use efficiency. Water use efficiency is critically important for the environment and during droughts.


Fertilization - Gypsum supplies calcium and sulfur, which are bio-available elements vital to proper plant growth and development.


Enhanced Nutrient Absorption - Gypsum is essential to the biochemical mechanisms by which many nutrients are absorbed


Soil Optimization – Gypsum optimizes the calcium to magnesium ratio in soils.


Environmentally Safe – ICE-95 is inert and non-toxic. It is mined from the same gypsum deposit as all Empire Mining Gypsum Products and is certified organic.


Save - Use solution grade gypsum at much lower rates and quantities than spreadable gypsum products


Irrigation Cure Empire - 95


World Class Solution Grade Gypsum

Get Immediate Results by Injecting Gypsum Directly into Irrigation Water.


ICE-95 has a purity of 95%. It is screened with a mesh finer than 300 with a standard analysis of 100% pass through 100 mesh, nearly 100% pass through 200 mesh, and 95% pass through 300 mesh.

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