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World Class
Gypsum and Anhydrite
Agricultural Products 

Gypsum and Anhydrite First Look

  • Anhydrite (CaSO4) and Gypsum (CaSO4+2H2O) are naturally occurring organic minerals

  • Unbeatable source of sulfur and calcium for plant nutrition. Immediately increase crop yields. 

  • Treats aluminum toxicity and improves soil Ph. Get all the benefits of gypsum and anhydrite along with the acid soil improvement ability of lime.

  • Drastically improves soil structure for superior root growth. Improve aggregation and overcome dispersion in sodic soils.

  • Gypsum and Anhydrite  decrease swelling clay and improves overall water infiltration. 

  • Greatly decreases erosion and nutrient runoff. Empire products will help keep plant nutrients on your fields. 

  • Replaces harmful salts such as sodium, chlorine, and boron that can destroy plant cells

Empire Product Line

Empire Anhydrite

  • Highest Calcium (Ca) and Sulfate (SO4) content product on our line  

  • Empire Anhydrite tests at a minimum of 100% gypsum equivalency and often reaches up to 108%. More calcium and sulfate per ton than gypsum. 

  • Non Caustic, Non Toxic for completely safe handling

  • OMRI Listed

Empire Gypsum  

  • Enhances water use efficiency 

  • Non Caustic, Non Toxic for completely safe handling

  • OMRI Listed 

Time Release 100

  • Best of both worlds! Contains a minimum 100% gypsum equivalency while increasing water use efficiency. More Calcium and Sulfate per ton than gypsum.  

  • Non Caustic, Non Toxic for completely safe handling 

  • OMRI Listed 

Gypsum vs. Anhydrite


  • Always check your product labels and certified lab reports when buying gypsum and anhydrite products.  

  • The top anhydrite products on the market will guarantee 26% calcium and 19% sulfur.

  • The top gypsum products on the market will often guarantee 95%.

  • Contact Empire Mining Co today to try our world class products.

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